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Soizick® Elegant Bathroom Decoration - Diamond Black & Gold Collection

Soizick® is well known for her hand-painted Limoges Porcelain elegant tableware. Each piece is unique, some crystallized with Swarovski® elements and all signed by the Soizick® artist. Soizick® created nearly twenty years ago in South of France, is synonym of bright colors, love and elegance. The delicate Limoges porcelain hand-painted featuring Soizick® hearts or Aladdin designs are absolutely striking. Soizick® also has a beautiful Di...
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Get Your Beauty or Hair Appointment Booked in the Middle of the Night

Are you fed up of searching on Beauty Hum for hairdresser or beauty therapist late at night and thinking yep, I will call her/him tomorrow, but never getting round to it?... Dada... we now have the answer, a new request an appointment button so that you can ask a professional for an appointment whenever you want!! Research shows that 40% of online appointments are made outside of salon, therapist or stylist opening hours, so this new option will make it MUCH easier to for you to get in touch with a professiona...
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Speedy recovery from liposuction increases demand for the procedure in the Middle East

Liposuction procedures are some of the most frequently performed procedures in the field of aesthetic surgery, and are in high demand with patients in the Middle East. The procedures are extremely popular mainly due to small incisions and a speedy recovery period. Experts believe that fat is no longer considered as just a storage organ; in fact, it is a metabolically active endocrine organ. Consequently, liposuction, especially in large volumes (> 5 litres), is bound to have some effect on fat function. The questio...
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