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The Cosmetic News Portal is the premier online publication in the UK for cosmetics, skin care, hair care, toiletry, makeup, fragrance and perfume, with an unparalleled reputation and authority. It publishes the latest news, review articles and market reports for the Cosmetic, Beauty and Skin Care markets.

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The Cosmetic News Portal provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to promote their products and services for the Cosmetic, Beauty and Skin Care markets.

Over the last years, we have commissioned independant research companies to provide an objective and independent survey of our readers. They question readers to clarify their interest, and the impact of adverts in the Cosmetic News Portal.In the latest survey,62% of respondents reported having purchased or recommended a purchase or requested further information as a result of an advertisement in Cosmetic News Portal.

Visits to the Cosmetic News Portal site are steadily increasing with currently 45,000 visitors each month, representing 300,000 monthly page impressions.

Delivering results

By advertising in Cosmetic News Portal, you ensure that you are getting the very best coverage of the Cosmetic, Beauty and Skin Care markets. If your target is the makeup, toiletry and fragrance market, and you want to implement focused marketing campaigns that deliver documented results, fast - then advertise in the Cosmetic News Portal.

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