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Marie-Pierre Schmitz, founder of BENTA BERRY, and perfumer Valentine Pozzo di Borgo have dealt with the theme of Female & Male fragrances for this hedonistic target group with great sensitivity. "Scents for teens and tweens are a real challenge and we have dealt extensively with their psyche, their wishes and dreams. The result and the positive response to benta and berry shows that we were right," says Marie-Pierre.

berry by BENTA BERRY -Essential dream fragrance for girls with enchanting effects. Good for you...good for others

Girls want individual fragrances that suit them - that are attractive, memorable, but not intrusive or too sexy. The scent is said to have a high flirt factor, expresses confidence and fits their style. This is a casual, stylish and very label-oriented group. They like fresh, fruity aromas with floral notes that exude positive moods, trigger confidence and remain to be an acceptable scent amongst friends.

A fragrance with delicately fruity oriental scents that evokes the sweetness of exploring distant exotic lands. The first notes are ginger, combined with a floral and fruity note of royal orchids and peach nectar.

Pack contents: 3 refills and a refillable atomizer Eau de toilette in 12 ml $83,80*

benta by BENTA BERRY - Essential dream fragrance for boys with enchanting effects. Good for you...good for others

Young men base themselves on strong, independent, cool guys. The idealized "Hero" in movies. They are quick-witted and cheeky, and their fragrance should underline this appearance. Besides dandy accessories they prefer a striking clothing style that has strong confidence. Inspirations come from the skater and surfer scene as well as the a twist on the contemporary urban cowboy. Their scent references are matching tart and spicy notes. This should of course go down well with the girls.

A fragrance with aromatic, woody scents that evokes distant journeys. The first hints are of fresh and vivid citrus, and are combined with the strength of spices. Also included are notes of cardamom and ginger. A final touch of cedar - balsam fir gives body to the wooded and masculine fragrance.

Pack contents: 3 refills and a refillable atomizer Eau de toilette in 12 ml $83,80*

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BENTA BERRY care products contain no parabens. They have been tested and dermatologist-and ophthalmologist produced without animal testing.

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