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Maoli Perfumes, the perfume house created by tween brothers Kai and Kalani, has reopened their studio with the creation of their distinctive collection, Alohatherapy Perfume Balm.

Inspired by the boysí favorite memories and adventures while living in Hawaii, Maoli's Alohatherapy Perfume Balm is a solid perfume and nourishing balm melded into one. They are fun to wear, made with certified organic ingredients and are free of synthetic fragrances. The balm quartet includes: Royal Pikake, Leilaniís Lei Stand, Under the Orange Tree and Chocolate Kingdom. These creamy concoctions come in easy-to-tote 1-ounce jars.

Our perfume balms are available in four unique blends: Royal Pikake is a sparkling blend of three kinds of jasmine, rare woods, balsams and vanilla. Leilani's Lei Stand is a creamy blend of tuberose, ylang ylang, carnation and Tahitian vanilla. Under the Orange Tree is a nostalgic blend of sweet orange, neroli, petitgrain, woods and vanilla. Chocolate Kingdom is a scrumptious blend of dark Hawaiian cacao, powdery spices and a dollop of coconut milk.

Whether youíre homesick for Hawaii, or simply enjoy the real perfume of the Islandsí flora, Alohatherapy Perfume Balms are ready to provide a fragrant Hawaiian fix anywhere you go.

Apply on pulse points to wear as a solid perfume or on dry skin as balm.

Maoli Royal Pikake Perfume Balm 1 oz. $*28

Maoli Leilani's Lei Stand Perfume Balm 1 oz. $*28

Maoli Under the Orange Tree Perfume Balm 1 oz. $*28

Maoli Chocolate Kingdom Perfume Balm 1 oz. $*28

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