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According to the latest survey by the British Dental Association, over half of the population between the ages of 55 and 64 wear dentures with even higher percentages for the 65 plus age group. Due to the growing ageing population, the demand for dentures is set to increase substantially. Also, research shows that 80% of denture wearers want better choice than what is currently on offer.

Justin Stewart has unveiled the first three-dimensional approach to the fitting of dentures in the UK. Dr Stewart was the first Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) qualified dentist in the country, and together with his team at The Denture Clinic in Surrey is the only one to offer this technology. The clinic has a history of solving difficult cases, and often helps patients from all around the UK who have been wearing dentures for years but were never comfortable with how they fit.

The innovative 3D or Triple-Impression Technique involves taking a mirror image impression not only of the gums, but also of the way the tongue sits behind the teeth, as well as the surrounding lips and cheeks, resulting in a denture that actually feels part of you. The traditional method involves taking only one impression: that of the gums. Traditional denture methods can leave patients with badly fitting dentures causing discomfort and embarrassment - often having a profound effect on the wearer’s lifestyle.

Semi-retired 62 year old Patricia Seaton was no exception and suffered many years of discomfort with her dentures. Patricia had standard dentures fitted by her dentist and after difficulties with their construction and repeated impressions and adjustments, she lost confidence and vowed never to return to a dentist again. She said: “The teeth on my top dentures were shorter than my natural remaining teeth and they regularly became loose. My lower denture was incredibly painful, pulling the skin off my gums.”

After further difficulties, Patricia came across a mention in her local paper for The Denture Clinic and decided to contact them after a recommendation from her dentist. The team at the clinic explained the process of the 3D dentures to Patricia, giving her peace of mind, and she decided to go ahead. After a couple of appointments to ensure that she was 100% happy with the fit and appearance, she felt her faith had been restored.

She continued: “The whole team at The Denture Clinic are wonderful and nothing is too much trouble for Dr Stewart. He is so approachable and understanding and always explains what he is doing and trying to achieve, to put your mind at rest. For the first time ever since wearing dentures I actually feel that they are now a part of me and in fact, without them I would feel lost - I actually look forward to wearing them now”.

Dr Stewart is a member of the American Prosthodontic Society and the British Society for the Study of Prosthetic Dentistry, and was trained by Dr. Joe Massad (arguably the world's top expert in denture related treatment). Dr. Stewart said: “Due to an ageing population, the total number of dentures needing to be made in the UK is increasing year on year. The benefits of a three-dimensional approach is that not only does the finished product reduce the amount of food particles that can be trapped under the wearer’s palate, which can be painful and distressing, but most importantly the uniquely tailored fit can offer renewed self confidence. It can also provide a rejuvenating effect by plumping up the lower third of the face, eliminating the unflattering sunken look of traditional dentures - rather like a non-surgical facelift!”.

Dr Stewart added: “Many people with poorly fitting dentures regard dental implants as their only hope. This can leave patients with a dilemma, as they are clearly unhappy with the dentures that they have, but they can also be put off from dental implant treatment because of the associated high price, the fact that it requires invasive surgery, and a significant proportion of patients do not have the bone levels needed. Our tailored approach provides the ideal solution, using cutting-edge technology to create superb dentures.”

The clinic offers a free consultation to all patients.

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