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Agilex Fragrances Evolves Brand Identity with Redesigned Website

Agilex Fragrances Evolves Brand Identity with Redesigned Website Modernizes brand, showcases capabilities, and highlights operational excellence. Agilex Fragrances, headquartered in Piscataway, NJ, recently unveiled its newly designed website,, as part of a rebranding initiative reflecting the evolving business strategy of the company. Agilex worked with a prominent branding and marketing consultancy group on ... [more]

Alohatherapy Perfume Balm: A Little Bit of Hawaii in a Jar (Source: Beautypress)

Maoli Perfumes, the perfume house created by tween brothers Kai and Kalani, has reopened their studio with the creation of their distinctive collection, Alohatherapy Perfume Balm. Inspired by the boysí favorite memories and adventures while living in Hawaii, Maoli's Alohatherapy Perfume Balm is a solid perfume and nourishing balm melded into one. They are fun to wear, made with certified organic ingredients and are free of synthetic fragrances... [more]

The Guv'ner from Lush

Letís face it, as the weather heats up your pits are inevitably going to work overtime. Donít let the sweat get out of hand! Call on The Guvíner, to banish unwanted odors and keep you smelling fresh all day, and all night. The latest addition to LUSHís natural deodorant range is packed with the ultimate deodorizer charcoal-powder. Charcoal-powder is used to govern perspiration and when combined with lycopodium powder, acts as a double-sweat ab... [more]

Scents: Alice & Peter

Once upon a time, there was Alice & Peter, a collection of scents to let your imagination run wild and awaken your inner child. Entrepreneur and talented perfumer Gerald Ghislain and partner Magali Senequier are introducing a playful concept around five fragrances: like Alice immerse yourself in Wonderland, like Peter Pan fly to Neverland! More than just a fragrance, Alice and Peter invite you to be curious and enchanted by a world of whimsical b... [more]

innovative & individual fragrances from BENTA BERRY for Teens

Marie-Pierre Schmitz, founder of BENTA BERRY, and perfumer Valentine Pozzo di Borgo have dealt with the theme of Female & Male fragrances for this hedonistic target group with great sensitivity. "Scents for teens and tweens are a real challenge and we have dealt extensively with their psyche, their wishes and dreams. The result and the positive response to benta and berry shows that we were right," says Marie-Pierre. berry by BENTA BERRY -Esse... [more]

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